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Welcome to the home page for VUGANZ - the VDX Users Group in Australia and New Zealand.

The VDX Users Group was originally established as the LIDDAS User Group at the completion of the LIDDAS (Local Interlending and Document Supply System) Project in September 2000. By 2001, the group had been re-named LIDDAS Management and Development Group. However, once most library sites had gone “live” with the VDX software, the user group was re-named VDX Users Group in Australia and New Zealand.

The Users Group was set up in order to foster mutual support amongst members by sharing of expertise, experience and information; to facilitate communication between members and OCLC on the VDX system; to represent the interest of Australian and New Zealand users; and to identify common areas of concern for action or comment by OCLC.

The Users Group has an AGM each year followed by a general meeting, and further general meetings may be called at the discretion of the Steering Committee. Meetings are held in a variety of locations around Australia and New Zealand, usually dependent on what other conferences and meetings are being held in a particular city. One of the important tasks performed by the User Group is the identification of enhancement requirements. This is done annually, where suggestions are called for and then voted upon. This information is then passed on to OCLC.

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